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A Tradition of Excellence and Pride

A Tradition of Excellence and Pride

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 Q.  Are metal cleats allowed?
A.  For ages 13 and older only.

Q.  What does my child need for evaluations?
A.  Comfortable pants (wind pants or sweatpants), tennis shoes, t-shirt/sweatshirt, cap, and bring a glove.

Q.  How can I find out more information about what the prices are this year, when games start, and other questions?
A.  The website is updated with Registration forms and packets for each play level.  Go to Parents/Kids.

Q.  Why is registration so early when the season starts in April?
A.  We need to finalize our numbers well in advance of the season so that uniforms, hats and equipment can be ordered in time.  In addition, we need to communicate how many traveling teams and at what age levels we will field to MYAS.

Q.  What's with the rule regarding age?
A.  In 2006, the AABC changed the cut-off date for players birthdays at April 30.  The BLBA decided at a previous board meeting that players will play at their AGE LEVEL.  A player can, though, "move up" to play with his/her GRADE LEVEL.

Minors (4-year olds, Pre-K and K)
Majors (1st and 2nd Grade)
3rd Grade
4th/5th Grade
6th/7th Grade
8th/9th Grade

Q.  How do our prices compare with local communities?
A.  We are the most affordable among any area community.

Q.  How are registration fees determined?
A.  Our registration fee is determined after looking at our operating costs--uniforms, equipment, umpires, equipment, field maintenance, insurance and league fees. Big Lake Community Education charges the BLBA was $20 for all players (except for grades Pre-K-2) just to utilize the school's ballfields.  In-depth information about calculations on costs will be available soon on this website.

Q.  What are the requirements for bats?
A.  Click here.

Q.  What are the time requirements?
A.  For the Minors (Pre-K and K), players play one days a week, generally on Mondays.  The Majors (1st and 2nd Grade), generally play on Tuesday's and Thursday's.  Willie Mays IN-HOUSE (Grades 3 and 4) play two days a week, generally on Tuesday's and Thursdays.  Pee Wee Reese IN-HOUSE (Grades 5 and 6) play two days a week.  Grades 7-10 have varied schedules.  The traveling teams have varied schedules.  Practices are dependent on the coaches, but teams generally practice once a week during the season (and about twice a week before the season).
 Q.  What kind of baseballs are used for evaluations?
A.  Regular (hard) baseballs are used during evaluations.

Q:  I registered online, so do we need to come to the mass registration?
A.  Yes.  In order to get all players sized correctly with uniforms, attendance at the Mass Registration is required.

Q.  Is there just one registration for both in-house and travel?
A.  Yes.

Q.  What if after tryouts, my child is deemed good enough play travel, but as a parent I want him on the in-house team?
A.  That is totally the parent's choice.

Q.  Our family would like to see if our 2nd Grade child can "move up."  What are the options for that?
A.  2nd Graders have the opportunity to play on a 3rd/4th Grade In-House Team. They must register as a 2nd grader for the Willie Mays league. They must attend the 3rd Graders FIRST evaluation and score within the upper 25th percentile of the 3rd/4th Grade In-House players to be placed on a 3rd/4th Grade In-house team. If a 2nd Grader does score within the upper 25th percentile, that player will be allowed to play up once--which means they would play Willie Mays 10U for 3 years.  If a player does not qualify, BLBA will refund the Willie Mays registration fee and will play in the Majors division.

Q.  My child only wants to play in-house.  Do we still need to attend tryouts?
A.  Attendance is strongly recommended for all players of these age groups to ensure team placement that matches their skill level.  For the in-house teams, we want our teams to be as even as possible, so the tryout scores can help place teams evenly.

Q.  How do the Evaluations run for Grades 3-10?
A.  All players must be registered and paid before the evaluations and any outstanding fees must be taken care of.  The player’s best score of their initial or 2nd evaluation will be determined who will be in the top 8.  Players who finish with one of the top 8 scores are automatically invited to play on the top-tier traveling team.  The head coach will then complete the team roster by selecting up to 4 additional players from the list of players whose combined score are ranked 9 through 18 after the 2nd Evaluation.

Q.  Do the players need to return anything after the season is over?
A.  Players keep all clothing.  The only thing that needs to be returned is the equipment that was issued to coaches.

Q.  What equipment is needed for the Pre-K to 2nd Grade Divisions?
A.  A hat and shirt are provided by the baseball association (other costs included in the registration are insurance, printing costs, first aid kits, helmets, catching equipment, etc).  For games and practices, players can wear sweatpants or baseball pants and tennis shoes.  They also need a mitt for fielding a ball.

Q.  Will our volunteer fee be refunded after our shift?
A.  Yes, they will.  If you're paying with a check, the check will be shredded.  If paying via Paypal, the fee will be refunded about a month after.  If paying with cash, the refund will be in August.
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